A Community Soup Kitchen

All Are Welcome!

What: A simple meal - Soup, bread, etc. FREE

When: Every Saturday, 10:30am to Noon

Where: The First Presbyterian Church

Why: " . . . if any man has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does the love abide in him?"   1 John 3:17

Elijah's Bowl was started on January 26, 1991 by the First Presbyterian Church of Sunbury. On that first day, we prepared food to feed 100 people and served 11 meals. In the beginning we had the kitchen opened on the last Saturday of each month. By the end of the first year, we served over 400 meals. We are now open every Saturday serving up to 100 plus meals each week. To God's Glory we have served over 39,500 meals in 10 years. The First Presbyterian Church does not do this alone. Many other churches, JROTC, scouting groups, Sunday school classes and youth groups support this ministry week in and week out. Each year a letter is sent to the businesses of Sunbury asking for support of this community soup kitchen.


The name Elijah's Bowl was taken from 1 King 17:10-16. In the scripture, the prophet Elijah requested bread and water from a poor woman. To her response of giving all, God provided her with a continuous supply of flour and oil to fill her jars. By the same faith we're trusting God for our shelves to be supplied with the food needed to feed the hungry each week. Because of all the support we've received, the shelves have never been empty.


In addition to the prepared meals every Saturday, there is a give-a-way table set up with donated breads, cakes, pies and grocery items. These items are given to us by area stores, restaurants and churches. As you can see this is not the First Presbyterian Church Soup Kitchen, this is a community soup kitchen. Without the support of the community, we would not be able to reach so many.


If you would like to help with this ministry please contact The First Presbyterian Church (570) 286-7211




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. . . . Is not the bread that we break a participation

in the Body of Christ? We who are many are one Body, for
we all partake of the one loaf . . . .  1 Corinthians 10:16-17



10:30am Sundays

238 Market Street

Sunbury, PA 17801

(570) 286-7211